Nourish Move Love Bali was born from my personal journey.

I was born in a small little town in South Africa to an amazing family. My mom did catering for functions and prepared all our family meals every day, so food was a big part of our lives (still is). Somehow, during my early teens, food became my enemy, but my reward at the same time. When I felt I “deserved” to eat I would reward myself with a meal or a treat, but if I didn’t get that A in a test – definitely then no food or no treat for me.

This disconnected relationship with food developed into a serious eating disorder for most of my life. There were times I would starve myself to the anorexic version of myself and then binge to the fuller version.

During my 20’s I stepped into the corporate world and worked like a maniac and I avoided food all together. In my late twenties I was not just underweight, but undernourished, stressed and burned out. I now not just had an unhealthy relationship with food, but I was stressed, alcohol use became frequent and this affected my mental health. Externally I was a high achiever, committed to perfection and making my employers and everybody else around me very happy, but I was the unhappiest version of myself. I was eating all the correct food and moving my body, but two years after I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and burn out, the symptoms got worse and I was diagnosed with early stages of Addison’s disease (which is an autoimmune disease following Adrenal burn out). I started paying attention. Believe me, it is no fun living in a body that you don’t recognise as your own, and also feeling exhausted and overwhelmed from just waking up in the mornings. I realised that something needed to change.

So I started researching, reading and trying different approaches to health and healing. I experimented with it all: the Master Cleanse, raw food, I did colonics and acupuncture. Each taught me something new about myself and my body. Through working with a Homeopath, Dr Helen Muir, I cultivated a Holistic way of life. My energy levels and the number on the scale increased, but something was still missing.

My ‘aha’ moment towards health came in my early 30’s when I attended a workshop on cellular health and the speaker told us about self-immolation. Monks would set themselves on fire after months of meditating in protest of religions or a Government. Personally I couldn’t think of anybody else more mentally powerful than a monk that sets themselves on fire – and yet – each and every one of them would start screaming towards the end of their lives – no amount of meditating could suppress what the body feels.

My light bulb switched on... Health isn’t JUST about what foods you put into your mouth (yes it plays a huge role), but we are created as a mind, body and soul. The one is connected to the other... my healing began. I discovered yoga and meditation which has taught me to focus rather on what is within me, and not on the physical level, like what my ass looks like in a pair of jeans, compared to that of my friends?

I received my Holistic Health coach training through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, my Nutritional Therapy through The Health Science Academy. I am also a 250 Hour Yoga Alliance certificated yoga teacher to teach Vinyassa, Pregnancy and Yin Yoga. These qualifications have provided me with the knowledge to make a HUGE career change and start my dream life in supporting human beings all over the world to create the best version of themselves, while living in beautiful Bali. And with the best version I mean: You feeling the best, to live your best life that only you can imagine and to love yourself in the best way!

I am not a professionally trained chef, I am a self-taught home cook, who loves good delicious food, healthy cooking, juicing and blending. I don’t cook fancy gourmet meals – I am a mom after all – so my recipes are easy, delicious, wholesome, real food.

Today I have a gentle approach towards nutrition, movement, love, health and well-being. I listen and honour my body to give her what she needs. I am kind to myself, others and earth.

Most importantly, I am YOUR biggest support to empower you to accomplish your BEST version of yourself, living your healthy, fulfilled, dream life!