ToYoga is not just a collection of yoga clothing, but a philosophy of life.  It is the endless dance of yin and yang, the embodiment of a free-spirited lifestyle, the playful energy of a child.  Comfort, style and simplicity are rolled into one.  ToYoga is freedom and passion, freshness and fun.  It is true comfort. True elegance.  Truly inspired.  Created so it wearers can pass from the mat to the street without changing, it is an effortless yet sophisticated style statement.  

For thousands of years, people of many cultures have used crystals for healing and transformative purposes. Each ToYoga piece contains seven semi-precious crystals reflecting the seven chakras or energy centers of the human body. All of the crystals used by ToYoga are purified with incense and put under a cleansing crystal pyramid for 24 hours before being stitched onto the clothing by hand by local Indonesian artisans. It just adds such a beautiful thought and energy to each piece. 

All ToYoya clothing is produced in Bali using fibers and dyes, sourced in Indonesia. Made from all-natural cotton and cotton/lycra materials, each piece is designed with chic practicality in mind, so you can bend and stretch in style and comfort. Flaunting breathable, water-absorbent, stretch-friendly fabrics that stay in shape throughout your workout, each piece is carefully custom-constructed to compliment the yoga practice. 

Handcrafting is an important aspect of the ToYoga construction process, and each garment is hand-dyed, making each piece truly unique. Natural colors are used as much as possible. Prints are created using the ‘Sablon Print’ method – an ancient screen-printing technique that uses a woven silkscreen mesh and ink-blocking stencil to transfer ink-printed designs. Subsequently , natural ‘imperfections’ are the result of this labor-intensive process. 

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