I have had the great opportunity to join into a Detox-Course guided by Alka and Caron, which changed my lifestyle and kept inspired up until today.
During this time I gave up smoking (not grabbing until today!), said good-bye to my every night glas of wine (or more), started to read consciously ingredients of products in the supermarket and began to be more picky about where I buy certain foods!

”Nourish Move Love” those three words make great sense to what I have learned in the course - Alka just had a way of connecting on an individual level to everyone taking part in that course, all for there very own reasons - of course having a positive change in mind. Excluding certain (and actually quiet a lot of unhealthy foods I wasn’t aware of even though I considered myself ways as healthy eater) nourished my soul more than ever ... turned into more self-love ... made my body dance during yoga !!!
— Stephanie, Cape Town

There are many things I can say about Alka but the one thing that stands out most for me is her calm nature. She truly makes you feel at peace with yourself. Everything Alka does for you is truly to her best abilty and done in perfection down to the finest details. She is my inspiration.
— Olivia, Cape Town

Alka’s passion for living life holistically is infectious. Our community has benefitted greatly from the generous way in which she shares her knowledge, opens her heart and relates with compassion and caring.
— Caron, Cape Town

Where do begin...

This was my first yoga retreat in the beautiful north of Bali.

It was just perfect for me, I felt like all the sessions were pefect for my level, the workshops and topics, perfect for me. It felt like it was tailor made.
I trusted my yoga teacher and appreciated the care she took in making this a trip of a lifetime.
The resort was tranquil and the staff could not do enough for us as a group, always from the heart. Our carefully designed dinners teased my tast buds.

Alka, thank you for making a difference in my life.
— Zelda, Australia

“In attending Alka’s retreat I reawakened to the center of me that I had disconnected from over time. Alka is a master teacher and guide. She leads by example, and from the moment you meet her, her authencity and grace are palpable and inspiring. I learned so much not only about yoga and nutrition, but in ways of being that will serve me for years to come. Her program is organized exceptionally well with most every detail planned out and accounted for. Pack lightly, and hold tight to the gratitude of expereince you will gain after attending. Saying yes to the journey, is saying yes to yourself. What an amazing start.”
— Jennifer, California

This retreat

I simply don’t have words to describe the love, support and understanding Alka radiants to each of her clients. This experience was just life enhancing.
— Mira, Cape Town

Bali - the island of Gods - you will think - what more can one say ...

My sister and I attended Alka’s yoga retreat in February 2019.
Alka is a wonderful woman, so caring and passionate for what she does, an amazing guide, yoga teacher and nutritionist. Everyday of the retreat was planned to the tea! It allowed the attendies to not have to think about anything, but ourselves and “simply be” as Alka says...

The retreat for me was not just daily yoga classes and laying under the sun, but a whole journey to rediscover myself and find the piece I needed to find inside me. It reminded me to be thanktful and appreciative of the world and everyone around me.
The places we visited, the people we met, the yoga classes with the most beautiful views, the daily planned activities and healthy meals, oh my!
A journey I will never forget! Thank you Alka for making those few days so special and memorable!
— Vesi, USA